Dr. Enda Huo

Dr. Enda Huo, Dr. Zhi Liang Huo's son, is also an acupuncture physician.


He treats patients in his clinic from Monday to Saturday.

To schedule an appointment with him, please contact:  (407) 312 - 9169

Patient Testimonial:

I suffered a sports injury 10 days ago to my lower back, as a result, I have very poor range of motion and lots of pain. I wanted the best acupuncture doctor in town and found Dr. Huo on this site. His son Dr. Enda Huo answered my call and informed me he is giving seminar in NY. Pain

couldn't wait any longer. So I decided to give him a try since he trained under both of his parents (both acupuncturist)for over 7 years. Literally after 2 treatments with acupuncture, cupping?, and Chinese massage and herbal circulation pill, I am 95% better. Dr. Enda Huo is very knowledgeable

about medicine and likes to educate his patients about lifestyles and prevention. I highly recommend this office for their knowledge and effectiveness (just ask to see all the incredible news reports about

Dr. Huo). And if you are tight on money, like myself, I recommend you to see Dr. Enda Huo since his treatments are half the cost compared to his fathers but with the same incredible effectiveness!

Dr. Enda Huo