Treatment LIST

These are some of the health conditions that Dr. Huo can treat, if you have a problem
not listed, feel free to contact us


Arthritis       Neuralgia      Sciatica      Frozen shoulder
Back and neck  pain       Tendonitis        Bell’s Palsy 

Parkinson's Disease        Stroke       Cerebral palsy  Sprains

Ears Eyes, Nose and Throat   

Ringing in the ears
Dizziness      Sinus infections      Sore throat     Asthma      Hay fever      Earaches  

Poor eyesight      Dermatological      Acne     Fungus     Rashes    Herpes


Colds and flus      Bronchitis      Hepatitis
Mental-Emotional       Anxiety     Depression
Stress     ADD and Hyperactivity      Insomnia       Tumor / Cyst

Parkinson's Disease  and Other Shaking Syndromes

Genito-Urinary and   Reproductive Problems
Impotence      Infertility         Pre-menstrual syndrome
Pelvic inflammatory disease       Vaginitis       Breast Lumps       Fibroids
Urinary Difficulty      Frequent Urination
Sexually Transmitted Diseases    Yeast Infection       Post-Partum Conditions
Endometriosis       Irregular menses or cramps         Morning sickness

Internal Medicine    

 Hypoglycemia      Diabetes
Asthma     High blood pressure       Ulcers    Colitis
Nausea      Indigestion    Hemorrhoids      Diarrhea       Constipation